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FSSAI Salient FeaturesFSSAI Salient Features

FSSAI is a dynamic and new Law in India.

The Food Safety and Standards Bill was passed on 23rd August, 2006, and on statute book as Food Safety & Standards Act, 2006. The Act has been implemented as a law with effect from 5th August,

The Law was implemented as India was lacking in the Food Safety upfront. It was bought into force by FSSAI to maintain food safety in India.

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List of FSSAI Salient Features :

Single point access to all laws and departmental controls.

FSSAI as a single reference point for all matters relating to Food Safety and Standards, Regulations and Enforcement

High degree of consumer confidence in quality & safety of food

A single license by the Licensing Authority for one or more articles of food and for different establishments or premises in the same local area.

FSSAI Salient Features :

Prior to 2011 –

 The existing food safety laws & guidelines were complicated and there were various laws and regulations.

 It lacked Modern & advance instrumentation.

From 2011 –

 Decentralization of all Food Laws under a single roof.

 Easy and scientific procedures with modern technology and base.

Emphasizes more on food safety, training & education.Click Here to View list of FAQ’s on Offenses & Penalties

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