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FAQ’s on Import FAQ's on Import

Here are some FAQ’s on Importing the Products :

FSSAI has issued Advisory to the concerned Ministries /Departments for imposing immediate restriction on import of dairy products from China. The DGFT has imposed ban on import of milk and milk products from China upto December, 2011 and until further orders.
The FSSAI is in the process of developing the regulation for import of food product which will be considered by the Scientific Committee, Food Authority and notified in the Official Gazette after previous approval of the Central Government.
The FSSAI have posted the Authorized Officer at 14 ports of entries (including seaports, airports, ICDs) in terms of section 47(5) of Act. FSSAI is testing the samples of food products imported into India before their consignments are cleared at the ports.
If your products come under the FSSR standards or IFC then you just need a license to import products. If they do not fall under the standards then you need to apply for Product Approval and only then you can import.
One should check the product if it requires approval or no, the label is as per FSSAI Standards & lastly one should have FSSAI Import license to import products without any hassles.
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FAQ’s on Import :

Importers will be specifically required to have a program to verify that the food products they are bringing into this country are safe. Among other things, importers will need to verify that their suppliers are in compliance with reasonably appropriate risk-based preventive controls that can be included in FAQ’s on Import List.

Registrants are required to submit registrations to FDA containing the information described in section 415(a)(2) of the FD&C Act, including the new information added by section 102 of FSMA.

The law contains an exemption for food imported in small quantities for research and evaluations purposes, provided the food is not intended for retail sale and not sold or distributed to the public.Click Here to View the List of FAQ’s on Product Approval

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