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FAQ’s on FSSAI License  FAQ's on FSSAI License

FSSAI License is the basic interim permission that any food business operator needs to take before storing any food business in India.

  • FSSAI has 3 categories based on Annual turnover:
  • FSSAI Registration – turnover below 12 lakhs annually
  • FSSAI State License – turnover between 12 lakhs to 20 crores annually
  • FSSAI Central License – turnover above 20 crores
  • On the basis of production capacity.
  • FSSAI Registration – 100kgs per day
  • FSSAI State License – 100kgs to 2 mt tons per day
  • FSSAI Central License – above 2 mt tons per day

FSSAI Application has to be applied online as well as physical submission of documents has to be submitted to the nearest FDA office from your area.

FSSAI Central License is a complete online procedure with no physical submission.

  • The below are the documents mentioned in FAQ’s on FSSAI License
  • FSSAI Registration – about 3-5 documents are required
  • FSSAI State/Central License – about 15-20 documents are required

There will be different license issued under FSSA as requirement of each product is different.

So in the same premises if license is being taken for processing of meat, milk & fruits & vegetables, there will be a separate license as these will be done in separate portions & businesses are not connected.

However, in case there is fruit & vegetable processing & godown/ store along with it, since these are connected activities, one license is applicable.

A Food Safety Management System (FSMS) is a network of interrelated elements that combine to ensure that food does not cause adverse human health effects.

These elements include programs, plans, policies, procedures, practices, processes, goals, objectives, methods, controls, roles, responsibilities, relationships, documents, records, and resources.

It is a mandatory document while applying for license.

Section 16(2)(c) provides for the Mechanism for accreditation of certification bodies for Food Safety Management Systems and Section 44 of FSS Act provides for Recognition of organisation or agency for food safety audit and checking compliance with Food Safety Management System required under the Act or the rules and regulation made there under

FAQ’s on FSSAI License

FSSAI governs all food business operators in the country & has entrusted the powers at various levels to other designated authorities like the FDA to speed the process of granting registration or licenses.

With the law coming into effect last year, it becomes absolutely mandatory for every food business operator to register themselves under FSSAI or acquire a license.

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